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 Advertise your business on more than 1 Million of the most popular Websites and Apps with one easy to use dashboard?

NOW you can do just that with the Spot Technologies digital marketing suite of products!

What is Proximity Marketing?

Proximity Marketing is a localized distribution of advertising content usually associated with a particular place. Ads can be delivered and viewed by individuals in that location. Consumers see ads that are product information, coupons, and other relevant content as they use apps and websites.

Proximity Marketing is the hottest new trend in digital marketing for business. This type of Geo-Fencing has up to this point only been available to large retailers and corporations. The absolute best passive prospecting and advertising tool is now available to every business regardless of size.

With SPOT Ads you now have the capability to advertise on multiple apps and websites using a powerful billboard system.

The SPOT Ad Network guarantees that your ad will be seen by a large number of people depending on the ad package you purchase.

Using Geo-Fencing, you can target your marketing from .6 miles up to 499 miles in proximity of location by just dropping a pin on a map.

The SPOT PLATFORM is a complete sales funnel system for your business!

*1 Create Awareness & Branding with your Ad.

*2 Interested Prospects Click on Your Ad

*3 Prospects read your information on your Landing Page

*4 From your Landing Page, they can fill out a contact form or go to a website for purchasing.

*5 Setup an Email Marketing Drip Campaign to Stay in Touch

All Your Digital Marketing in ONE Account and ONE Dashboard in 6 easy steps!

1. Build Your Ad

It’s Easy to Create a Great Ad for your Business, Product or Service. It only takes about 5 minutes to create an ad.

2. Choose your GEO Location

Show your Ads from .6 miles to 499 miles around your business. You just drop a pin on a map! Note you can purchase multiple pin and advertise across the entire country or Internationally 

3. Demographic Targeting

With Advanced Audience Targeting you can show your ad when you want, where you want, to who you want.

4. Build your Landing / Lead Capture Page

The SPOT Digital Marketing Platform includes a Landing page creator where you can custom design your information and capture leads.

5. Track your Results / Conversions

With Google Analytics integration you can track clicks, conversions, and demographic info.

6. Follow-Up with Email Campaigns

Your Ad package includes an incredibly intuitive, surprisingly simple automated email marketing system.

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